Why are the product prices different when I click the buy button?

You may notice that prices differ in your store and when you click to buy on the merchant (e.g. Amazon). This can happen for a couple of reasons and is nothing to worry about.

Your Location and Preferences

The prices you see on the merchant (e.g. Amazon/eBay) can differ depending on your exact location and any preferences you have.

For example, if you are an Amazon Prime member in California, you may be shown a different price/offer than somebody in New York with no Amazon Prime.

This example shows a different price for the same product depending on the delivery address:

This is for an address in the UK buying from amazon.com
This is for a delivery address in California, USA

These differences are perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. You will still get sales and affiliate commissions as normal.

Price Updates

The product prices in your store will be cached for 1 hour. The prices may have changed on the merchant (i.e. Amazon, eBay, etc.) and not yet updated on your store.

This is perfectly normal and will not cause any issues. It is within Amazon/eBay, etc. guidelines, and it is not expected to keep your product prices instantly up to date.

Auto Country Localization

All your stores have a built-in feature that will redirect your visitors to the correct country. In most cases, the prices will be different in each country.

The Auto Country Localization feature will increase sales and commissions from your store.

Please check the country dropdown menu in the top left of your store. You can change this to change the prices/offers shown.

For more about the Auto Country Localization feature, please see this guide:


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