Why do I not see the same product when clicking a buy button?

When you click the buy button on a product in your store, you are taken to the merchant (e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc.).

Sometimes, you might see a list of products instead of the exact product shown in your store. There are a couple of reasons for this.

These are both profit-maximizing features that will increase the sales and commissions from your stores.

Auto Country Localization

The Auto Country Localization feature maximizes your sales by sending the user to the correct country. That country may not have the exact product that is in your store, so they are instead sent to a search page.

When browsing your store, check the dropdown menu in the top left corner to see which country is currently selected.

Out-of-Stock Products

When a product offer is out of stock or otherwise unavailable, your store will send the visitor to a search page instead. This is another profit-maximizing feature - instead of sending them to a "Product Unavailable" page, they are given a selection of related products, and your affiliate cookie is locked in.

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