Auto Country Localisation - Feature Guide

Your stores will automatically handle traffic from any country, so you don't lose any sales.

How Country Localisation Works

When a new person visits your store, their country is found using their IP address, and the store will automatically:

  • Change the country flag in the header
  • Change the currency and automatically convert all prices
  • Show only the relevant offers for your products

For example, if a customer from France visits your store, then they will see the French flag in the header and the prices in Euros. When they click affiliate links, it will go to the French version of the merchant (e.g. or

Offers from Other Countries

Your store will automatically find and add offers from different countries to your products. You can see these offers at the bottom of the product page in your admin area.

You can also add offers manually to products for different countries.

How Your Store Captures Every Sale

If the offer doesn't exist in a specific country, a "Buy Button" will still show on the product page, but it will instead go to a "Search" page on the merchant.

So, for example, if your product "Automatic Wine Bottle Opener" exists on Amazon USA but not Amazon UK, the button will go to the search page on Amazon UK with the search term "Automatic Wine Bottle Opener".

This way, it will find similar products for that user and still set your affiliate cookie, so you get a commission for all orders.

Capturing the Extra Sales

You may need to open another affiliate account for each country to get paid for the sales in other countries.

This is true for Amazon, but for eBay, you only need a single affiliate account for all countries. Please see this guide for more details about setting up your affiliate accounts:

We recommend focusing on sales from USA and UK only to start with. Only open affiliate accounts for other countries if you are targeting that country or if you notice you are getting traffic from that country.

Changing the Country

Your visitors can easily change the country by selecting from the dropdown in the header. This will set a cookie and will remember their choice.

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