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FreshStore Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the common questions asked by FreshStore members.

50 Guides

"How To" Guides

These handy guides teach you "how to" on various topics.

37 Guides

Feature Guides

In depth guides and videos about the features of FreshStore.

16 Guides

Information & Reference

Common terminology, information and reference material.

3 Guides

Tools, Products & Services

Guides on other tools, services, and products that help your stores.

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Accounts, Payments & Billing

Common questions and help related to billing, payments, and your account.

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Advanced Topics

Technical guides, developer guides and topics for advanced users.

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Success Training

🌱 Getting Started

Get started with FreshStore with these easy to follow guides and videos.

7 Guides

🔍 Find a Profitable Niche

How to research and choose a profitable niche for your store.

10 Guides

🛒 Build Your Store

When you have done your research, it's now time to build your FreshStore!

2 Guides

✍️ Create Content

Learn how to create the best content that boosts your traffic, engagement, and sales.

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🚀 Launch Your Store

1 Guide

📈 Generate Traffic

Learn the best traffic strategies for FreshStore and how to keep growing.

13 Guides

💰 Increase Your Sales

In this section we help you optimize, improve conversions and maximize your sales!

4 Guides

🪐 Expand Your Empire

Now that you have one successful store, how can you quickly build out more?

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Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Content Strategies

1 Guide

Facebook Strategies

Getting more engagement, traffic, and sales with your Facebook pages and groups

1 Guide

FreshStore Affiliates

1 Guide

Images & Video

Resources, tips, links and more for your images and videos.

1 Guide

Key Strategies

Great strategies for traffic, social networks, more commissions, and automation

4 Guides

SEO Strategies

Techniques and strategies to boost your traffic from the major search engines

2 Guides


General WordPress Guides

Our general help guides for all things WordPress

1 Guide

Recommended WordPress Plugins

More details on our recommended WordPress plugins

2 Guides