How to check for Mobile Usability issues with Google

Your stores are automatically optimised to work perfectly on all devices, from Laptops to Mobile Phones.

If you notice an issue with the layout or receive an email from Google about Mobile Usability issues, this guide will help you understand and fix it.

What can cause Mobile Usability issues?

There are a few reasons why you might get these issues:

  • Custom content - When you add content to products, pages, articles etc. there are different formatting options. You can also edit the raw HTML. Sometimes, this content will conflict with other code in the store and cause layout issues.

  • Product content - Your products use content from eBay, Amazon, and other merchants. Sometimes, the product descriptions include HTML code and formatting that might conflict and cause mobile usability issues. This is especially true of eBay.

  • FreshStore Issue - We test your stores on multiple devices, but there still may be edge cases or bugs we haven't found. Please report any issues to our support team; we will fix them quickly.

How can I test for Mobile Usability issues?

You can load your store on your mobile phone to see how it works, but this test is not conclusive. There are thousands of popular mobile phones and tablets in various screen sizes.

To effectively test your store, you can use this Google tool:


This will take a few minutes and give you a simple Yes or No result.

Please note that this will only test the page you enter and not your entire store. So you will want to test a few different pages (your homepage, a category, an article etc)

If this test gives you errors, please get in touch with support with the details for further help.

Google sent me an email about Mobile Usability

If you have signed up for Google Search Console, you may receive emails about Mobile Usability errors.

This is nothing to worry about and is usually a false positive. Click the link in the email to find out which pages are affected, and check with the testing tool above.

If you are in any doubt, please get in touch with support for more advice.

If you have received emails from Google about other issues, please check this guide:

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