How to open your Amazon Affiliate account

This guide will show you how to set up your Amazon affiliate account so you can start making commissions with your FreshStore.

Can anyone open an Amazon Affiliate account?

Yes! Opening your Amazon affiliate account is easy, and:

  • You can be anywhere in the world
  • You can enter any website or store during your application
  • Your Amazon account will be opened instantly
  • You do not need Amazon API Keys (they are built into FreshStore)

Where to Open Your Amazon Account

Visit the following link and create a new account:

Creating Your Amazon Account

When creating your account, you will need to enter some details about yourself, where you want to receive your commission payments and some details about your store.

You can enter any website or FreshStore in your application. Amazon will not check your website until after you have made three sales.

Enter all the details they ask you for about your store or website, and don't worry about getting everything exactly right.

You will be asked if you are an "Individual" or a "Business". If you are not sure, select "Individual". You can change all your answers later if needed.

Account Approval

Your Amazon Affiliate account will be opened and ready to make sales as soon as you complete the registration. After you make three sales, Amazon will fully approve your account by checking your account details and website.

Other Amazon Countries

With Amazon, you must register for each country you want to promote. This is possible using the same account you created on the link above.

Select the new country in the top right corner of the link above, and follow the signup process.

We recommend opening an Amazon account in one or two countries to start with (e.g. USA). Then, when you get some traffic and sales, you can start expanding to more countries.

Amazon API Keys

You do not need Amazon API Keys as they are already built into FreshStore.

Once you have made three sales on your account, you can apply for your own API keys. This is entirely optional.

Questions and Troubleshooting

I don't have a store or website for my application.

Create a new FreshStore using an Instant Store to get a website you can use for your application quickly.

I am not based in the USA; can I still apply?

Yes, absolutely. You can open an Amazon Associates account no matter where you are in the world.

My Amazon Associates Account was previously closed, or my application was rejected.

This is easily solvable, and you can reapply. Check out our guide on reapplying to Amazon Associates.

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