How to create an Amazon Tracking ID

Before following this guide, please create an Amazon Affiliate Account.

What is an Amazon Tracking ID?

Also known as an "Amazon Tag", this is what tracks the sales to your account and makes sure you get commissions from Amazon.

This guide will go over how to set up a new tag in your Amazon affiliate account. We recommend that you set up a custom tracking id for each store you have running. You will be able to track clicks and sales specific to that store.

How do I create an Amazon Tracking ID?

Log in to your Amazon affiliate account (USA: and then click Account Settings -> Manage Tracking IDs

On the page below, you will see all Amazon Tracking IDs you have created previously and also an option to add a new tracking id.

You should pick a keyword that matches your store; if you have a lot of tracking ids, it will be easier to see which stores are performing.

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