Why are changes not showing on my store?

If you have made changes to your site and are not seeing them on the front end, you may be seeing a cached version of the page.

There are two types of cache: your store cache and your local cache.

Store cache

Your stores are cached using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) powered by Bunny.net, ensuring they always load fast from anywhere in the world.

You can clear this CDN cache manually to show the latest changes. Please check this guide:

🔗 https://guides.freshstore.app/article/522-how-to-clear-your-store-cache

Local cache

The web browser on your computer, tablet, or phone will cache websites to load faster when you visit them more than once.

For more information on clearing your local browser cache, please see this guide:

🔗 https://guides.freshstore.app/article/597-how-to-clear-your-local-browser-cache

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