Will my store rank in Google?

Affiliate stores built with FreshStore have been ranking well in Google since 2010.

When you create good content and carefully manage your store, Google will index and show your store in the search results.

Google and Affiliate Stores

Some people think that Google will penalise a store or website just because it promotes products as an affiliate. This is easy to disprove - a quick Google search for most topics will bring up websites with affiliate links.

Google judges your store based on many factors but will not penalise you for being an affiliate.

Google's guidelines* on affiliate stores and websites

"Good affiliate sites add value by offering meaningful content or features. Examples of good affiliate pages include offering additional information about price, original product reviews, rigorous testing and ratings, navigation of products or categories, and product comparisons."

* source

Will Google ban FreshStore?

Since we launched in 2010, some people were sure that Google would ban any store created with FreshStore. It hasn't happened yet.

The reason is that Google judges each website individually. They will ban a specific store by domain name if it breaks their policies (e.g. link farming, phishing, spammy content).

FreshStore does not break any Google policies and encourages all members to build stores based on their guidelines.

Many people use WordPress to create spammy websites, phishing pages, link farms, Private Blog Networks, etc., which are all firmly against Google's policies. This causes massive problems for Google, but they haven't banned WordPress.

How can I get Google to index and rank my store?

We have many in-depth guides that will help you to get traffic from Google. Check out the related articles below or browse/search through this guide's website.

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