Your FreshStore account

Your FreshStore account is where you can create stores, change your settings, manage your billing and more.

Logging in to your FreshStore account

You can log in to your account area here (save this link!):


TIP: If you have already signed up but can't access your account, please try resetting your password here.

If you have any problems logging in, please check the following:

If you have any issues, please use the help icon in the bottom right corner of any page to contact our support team. We are always happy to help.

Logging out and settings

In the top right corner of your account, click the round avatar/icon to access billing, settings, account details, and the log-out link.

Your Account Features

We will go through all the features later in our success guides, but here is a quick overview of what you can do inside your secure account area:

  • Create unique, high-performing affiliate stores quickly and easily
  • Manage and log into your existing stores
  • Add and manage custom domains
  • Change your billing and account details
  • View our latest announcements
  • Access training guides, support, and help

Our dedicated and friendly support team is ready to help you when needed. In the next guide, we look at how to contact support and other options

➡️ NEXT GUIDE - Getting Help and Support

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