Vanity Domains - Feature Guide

Instead of buying your own custom domain, you can put your store on a subdomain on one of our vanity domains. Take this store as an example:

The vanity domain is "" and you can create a store on

Vanity Domains are free to use and included in every FreshStore account.

Changing Domains

You can start your store on a vanity domain and easily change it to a custom domain (or another vanity domain) later.

You are free to change your store domain and/or subdomain at any time.

Full List of Vanity Domains

We are adding new Vanity Domains regularly, and this is the current selection you can choose from:

Domain Recommend Niche Anything related to clothing, apparel, jewellery, footwear, watches, designer goods etc. This fits any niche and emphasises good value products. Suitable for wider niches and puts emphasis on discounts. Suitable for any niche and emphasises offers/discounts. Suitable for any niche or good for a temporary location of your store while you are building it. Great for books of any kind. Intended for video games and consoles but can also fit board game niches. For food products and any grocery-related niche. Great for any niches related to your home, including furniture, decor, kitchen products etc. For any niche related to sports, e.g. football, basketball, tennis, athletics etc. Great for any technology niche including computers, mobile devices, smart tech, home automation, wearables, etc. Perfect for the popular travel niche, and products like luggage, clothing, toiletries etc. For gadgets, gizmos, and any technology that holds intriguing appeal. Great for gym niches, training equipment, clothing, physio products, rehab, recovery etc. and can also fit health niches like supplements. For medical, wellness, and supplement niches. Perfect for any niche that benefits your health or well-being. This fits well with niches that have expensive products and will emphasise high-quality products. Think high-end watches, jewellery, and exclusive fashion items. Great for any niche with an emphasis on security. Great for any niche with an emphasis on security. Great for any niche with an emphasis on secure and safe shopping. Suitable for any niche with an emphasis on trusted brands and safe browsing. Great for any niche and encourages a community feel. Well suited to grocery niches. Suggests good value products, and suitable for large electrical niches like Televisions, Fridge Freezers etc. Perfect for niches that respond well to discounts, coupons and deals.
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