How much money can I make from my stores?

Many thousands of people just like you have made a great, consistent income from affiliate stores over many years.

We started in 2010, and FreshStore works better today than ever before. We regularly see new members making sales within a few days and progressing to boost or replace their income with affiliate stores.

How much money you make will depend on various factors, including how closely you follow our training and how much effort you put into your stores.

Focus on building and growing your store, and the results will come! Successful members have one thing in common - they don't give up.

We can't guarantee your income, but we can say that FreshStore members have earned anywhere from $1 to $1000+ per day with their affiliate stores.

Getting Success with Your Stores

Follow these golden rules for success with your stores:

  • Don't give up - If you don't have any results yet, stick to the plan; follow our guides, ask questions, build your store, engage with social media, create content, and everything else.

  • Do the important things first - Don't get bogged down in trivial things like the colours in your store, GDPR laws, the perfect homepage image, etc. - that can come later. Focus on traffic and sales as early as you can.

  • Start small - Focus on one store at a time and limit the number of products in it (read this guide). Don't overwhelm yourself by juggling too many things.

  • Follow the training - Everything you need is in our training; all you need to do is follow it through. Our support team is always here to help if you have any questions.

  • Enjoy the Process - Take pride in your stores and enjoy learning about the niche you are in. Engage with your audience, create great content, and help people in your niche. When you show passion for your project, the results will follow.

We strongly recommend you follow our success training. It is designed to get sales from your stores as quickly as possible.

Click here to start the success training.

Focus on the Long Term

You may see great early results with your stores; some members have made commissions within 48 hours of launching their stores.

If you are not making sales right away, don't panic or throw away your hard work. You are building a project for the long term that will grow in value over time.

An affiliate store with traffic and sales is an asset which can be sold for 12 to 24 months of earnings. For example, if you earn $500/month on a store, you can cash in and sell it for $12,000!

Keep adding new content, trying different products, growing your social networks and following the training. You will reach a tipping point when your commissions start rolling in and your earnings snowball.

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