My Amazon Associates account was rejected or closed, what do I do?

There is no need for panic - this is easily solved!

If Amazon closes your affiliate account, you can always open a new one. Check for the reason that Amazon closed your account, and follow the instructions below.

Amazon Closed My Account for Inactivity

If you did not make any affiliate sales in a specific time period (e.g. 180 days), then Amazon may automatically close your affiliate account.

In this case, simply apply again as if you are opening a brand new account. You can use the same details.

After this, you will have a new Affiliate Tracking ID. Make sure you update this in your account and all your stores.

Amazon Rejected my New Account Application

On rare occasions, your application may get rejected. This is usually due to a lack of content; if this happens to you, don’t panic.

The team working for Amazon Associates are inconsistent. Quite often, your account has been rejected by mistake.

You can easily re-apply. We will do so by creating a basic WordPress site to ensure that you will be accepted.

If you already have a blog or website with lots of content, you can use this for your application. However, an alternative is to create an account at

Creating a Basic Website for Your Application

Just perform the following steps:

1) Head over to your FreshStore account and create a new WordPress blog

2) Choose the domain or subdomain you want to use and let the system create the blog

3) Log in to your blog and customize your settings or keep everything as is

4) Go to

5) Ask the AI to write a 400-word article based on your niche and domain. Article ideas:

  • The history of the niche (e.g. “The history of Yoga”)
  • Product buying guides (e.g. “How to choose the best yoga mat oven”)
  • Maintenance guides (e.g. “How to take care of your yoga mat”)
  • The best products (e.g. “The top five yoga pants”)

6) Make sure to have at least three short blog posts ready to paste into your blog.

7) In your blog, you will see the Hello World blog post on the right – this is a sample post we can delete, so click Trash.

8) Copy the article your AI wrote and paste it into your blog post. Make sure to have a title, meta description and keywords ready for each article. (The AI can also do this for you!)

9) Add post details and images. Please make sure the image you use for your posts comes from royalty-free websites such as

We have published our first blog post, but before you submit this to Amazon, you should publish a few more.

Reapply to Amazon

When you have posted a few blog entries and completed your blog, you can now re-apply to join the Amazon affiliate program.

Follow the steps you previously followed; however, enter your WordPress URL instead of your FreshStore.

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