What happened to FreshStoreBuilder?

Fresh Store Builder was our original self-hosted script for creating Amazon affiliate stores created in 2010. It has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

Why is Fresh Store Builder Discontinued?

Our members had consistent problems with web hosting servers, Amazon API Keys, slow store speeds, and other technical issues. This stopped them from reaching their goal of creating easy, profitable affiliate stores.

The original Fresh Store Builder script needed technical knowledge and your own hosting server with a MySQL database installed. It was too complicated for the typical user, and even experienced users spent too much time with unpredictable server-related issues, API issues, and speed problems.

Our new platform FreshStore is easier, faster, and more profitable.

A few years ago, we created an entirely new all-in-one platform called FreshStore, including cloud hosting, free domain names, SSL certificates, AI integration, Instant Stores, built- and more.

We strongly recommend using the new FreshStore platform:


Do you have a lifetime price for FreshStore?

In the past, we offered a lifetime price for Fresh Store Builder, as it was a standalone script, although you still needed to pay a monthly or yearly price to a hosting company for your server.

FreshStore now includes hosting (and much more!), and there is no lifetime price - it simply wouldn't be possible because of server costs, AI costs, CDN costs, etc.

We have brought everything you need into a single, easy package with FreshStore. You get premium cloud hosting, automated CDN, domain names, SSL certificates, and more included in every package.

Can I still download Fresh Store Builder?

If you have a Fresh Store Builder license, you can still access the last version (v10.4.5), released in August 2020. You can download the zip file from your FreshStore account area under "Other Purchases" on the link below:


If you cannot log in or do not see the download, please get in touch with support so we can verify your account.

Please note that we no longer support FreshStoreBuilder and will not release any further updates.

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