What are AI Chips?

AI Chips are used to feed the AI Robots 🤖

You use a few AI chips each time you use the AI (e.g., to generate content, categories, meta tags). Each package includes a generous amount of new chips every month, but if you need more, you can purchase an AI Chip Pack inside your account.

Each store license gets 100,000 new AI Chips automatically every month. Your chips can be used on any store in your account.

Do I need AI Chips to Keep My Store Working?

Your stores will work fine without AI Chips.

AI Chips are used to create new content in your store using AI. If you run out of AI Chips, your stores will still work fully, and you will still be able to do everything else, including:

  • Create Categories
  • Import Products
  • Get Sales and Commissions
  • Auto Update Products

How Many AI Chips Do I Need?

When you create content with AI, the amount of AI Chips used depends on the length of the content.

These are some estimates of how many AI Chips are used for different types of content:

  • Auto-Generated Article including Meta Tags, Summary, Titles etc. = 2,500 Chips
  • Full Product Content including Feature List, Summary, Content, Titles etc. = 800 Chips
  • A Title for a Product, Page, Brand, Article, Category etc. = 70 Chips

When are my AI Chips Renewed?

Your monthly AI Chips are renewed on the same day your monthly subscription is renewed.

If you have a yearly subscription, your AI Chips are renewed monthly on the same day your subscription was started.

If I delete my store or some products will I get the AI Chips back?

Once the AI Chips are used, they are not returned. If you delete a product, category, article or your entire store the AI Chips used will not be returned to your account.

Do my AI Chips roll over to next month?

Your AI Chips do not roll over to the next month. You get a fresh allocation of AI Chips every month.

If you have purchased extra AI Chips, these will never expire.

Are my AI Chips Limited to One Store?

No, your total AI Chips can be used on any store in your account.

How Can I Get More AI Chips?

You can order additional AI Chips inside your account from this page:


Any additional AI Chips you purchase will never expire.

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