How to upgrade from Fresh Cloud to FreshStore

This guide is for members of Fresh Cloud who have an active subscription and want to migrate to FreshStore.

What is Happening to Fresh Cloud?

We have replaced Fresh Cloud with a brand new system called FreshStore.

You now have all the existing features of Fresh Cloud with many more features and improvements, including AI integration and several new merchants (e.g. Walmart, AliExpress, Etsy).

This is a huge upgrade and improvement, and we are sure you will love it!

How to Access Your FreshStore Account

Your account is already active, and you can log in with the same email and password here:

Inside your FreshStore account, you will have the same number of licenses as Fresh Cloud.

Migrating Your Fresh Cloud Websites

If you have any stores or WordPress websites on Fresh Cloud, we will migrate them for you for free.

Before migrating, we recommend you check out FreshStore. You can recreate your stores and websites on the new system using our AI features, which will give you better content and products fast.

Create a Store with FreshStore

In most cases, it is better to start again with a new store with fresh products, categories, and content.

You can create and delete as many stores as you want, so feel free to experiment!

Check out our Getting Started Video here for tips and tricks on your new FreshStore account.

Migrating Stores and Website from Fresh Cloud

If you do wish to migrate any existing stores or websites from Fresh Cloud, please enter your account email on this list:

We will process all migrations manually and work with you to ensure everything is transferred properly. Thank you for being so patient during this process.

Important Information

Please note the following important points about your Fresh Cloud account and this upgrade:

  • You don't need to make any changes to your account or payments. Everything has been migrated for you.
  • Your Fresh Cloud account will be closed soon. If you have requested migration, we will migrate everything before we close Fresh Cloud.
  • We will send you several email reminders about this upgrade. Please make sure you respond if you wish to keep anything in your Fresh Cloud account.
  • If we don't get any response and you haven't requested a migration, your Fresh Cloud account will be closed, and your stores/websites will be deleted.

The Future of FreshStore

We have made this upgrade as we have very big plans for FreshStore. There is a host of new features coming that will give your stores more traffic, make them more profitable, and even easier to manage.

We are very excited to show you these upgrades and to help you grow your online business.

Thank you for being with us on this journey! 🚀

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