Why are my sales and commissions not showing?

The reports in your FreshStore admin area show the clicks from your store to the merchant website (i.e. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, AliExpress).

The FreshStore reports do not confirm that the customer completed the purchase. Unfortunately, this data is not provided by the merchant.

To see your confirmed sales, please log in to your affiliate account with the merchant.

Buying from Your Own Store

If you buy a product after clicking your own affiliate link, the reports will not show it, and the merchant will not credit you for the sale. Amazon specifically doesn't allow you to buy from your own store and will "scrub" any sales made from your account or the account of a friend/family.

Testing Your Affiliate Links

You can test your store to make sure it's using your Affiliate Tracking ID. Click a buy button in your store and check the URL when you reach the merchant. You will find your Affiliate Tracking ID in the URL.

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