FreshStore Reviews

"I decided to trial FreshStore from Carey after seeing it promoted by a few affiliates.

My first store build took a little getting used to because I was unfamiliar with some of the steps.

I have now published my 10th store and can set up new ones in minutes.

I love this program and recently did a 90 minute training webinar for my members on how to set find niches, set up the store and add the products.

The training was VERY well received by my members and people in my membership are giving the product GREAT reviews.

This definitely gets my thumbs up :D"

James Upjohn

"Hello, I bought FreshStore this summer, but only this past week I have been able to install and create a store. I am 66 yrs tomorrow 7 dec, and a slow and at times a daft newbie and absolutely no techie whatsoever.

I had some problems understanding two steps when installing, but when I finally 'got it'... I could not believe how easy the instructions actually were. If I can do this anyone can. I am thrilled to soon go live with my shop.

Excellent program. Thank You!

I am also very pleased with the customer service at FreshStore. They helped me with some of my own created mistakes on earlier issues.

The whole FSB- team rocks, and I hope to be your customer for a long time! Thanks again!"

Helen Mortensen

"FreshStore is no doubt right up there with other softwares that I have seen and purchased online.

I like the structure and the methods used by the vendor in making sure that your website will not go live until all steps are done!

That method in itself is a testament to making sure that we (students) don't just used the software to load products and ended up with duplicate websites that the search engines will just penalised you for it.

But instead ensuring that unique contents must be added. I really like that strategy.

A newbie like me can just follow along until the steps are complete and the checklist which they kindly offered for free!

And I know if I take things one step at the time. I will be able to utilised this tool to create many more stores and quit my day job for good!

Thank you for the creation and sharing this amazing software, which I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in building eCommerce website for passive income online.

Thank you so much Carey and your Team!"

John Fauula

"Have been searching for years to find an eCommerce option that's more than a simple cookie-cutter site. FreshStore offers so many options and the instructions are easy to follow even for a non-techie like me. The support is the best I've ever received anywhere and I'm looking forward to what this team will come up with in the future."

-- Pauline Barcomb

"FreshStore is fantastic, anyone can build an amazing Amazon affiliate store in minutes, so easy to use, their help desk is awesome, if your stuck there is always someone to help you, certainly to best Go-To software to use for Amazon affiliate marketing, with step by step instructions, anyone without web knowledge can use it it's so simple to use, FreshStore rocks!!!!"

-- Sam Everett

"I have used FreshStore system for a number of years and it still cannot be beaten by anything else in the "Amazon Store Software" marketplace.

The FreshStore software has been developed so that it only presents the required information on your sites in a speedy and effective manner.

You have the choice between an easy and quick setup for novices or multiple settings for the advanced user wanting more from their store.

The support provided by the Fresh Team is second to none, always willing to help and look at developing the software so that it keeps pace with changes in the fast-moving online world.

Long may FreshStore reign!!!!"

-- Andrew Tate

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