How to be successful with FreshStore

Since 2010, we have helped many thousands of people succeed with FreshStore affiliate stores. Those who do well all have the same things in common - they are patient, focused, keep moving forward, and never give up.

Later in this training, we have some great guides on traffic generation, improving conversions, and maximizing profits... but first, we need the right foundation for success.

The foundation for success

Before we dive into building your stores, take a moment to adopt these attitudes, and they will guide you to success:

  • Don't Give Up

    You are building projects that will make you a consistent income way into the future. Some members have made sales within 48 hours, and some take longer, but the key to all successful members is they didn't give up!

  • Stay Focused

    Many other money-making courses, apps, and products will promise you the world and distract you if you let them. You are in the right place with FreshStore and will succeed if you stay focused. Don't fall victim to Shiny Object Syndrome!

  • Be Consistent

    Your stores are long-term assets that keep growing. You can spend as much or as little time on your stores as you want, but be consistent. Follow through our success training guides and regularly spend time on them to maximize growth and earnings.

  • Keep Learning

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert with affiliate stores, stay committed to learning. There are always new strategies, and we are constantly updating our training. Follow our success training guides step-by-step to ensure you don't miss anything or make common mistakes.

  • Keep Moving Forward

    Don't let yourself get stuck on the small details that don't matter. This is a form of procrastination that comes from a fear of failure. Keep making progress, and remember that you can always come back to make improvements later.

  • Be Patient

    Follow the training carefully, don't rush it, and avoid shortcuts. You might see great early results, or it could take a bit longer, so stay patient and keep moving forward.

  • Ask for Help

    Our friendly support team is ready to help you. We all run our own FreshStores, so we can give you expert advice to keep you moving forward. Lean on us; we will be there at every step of your journey.

  • Remember to Have Fun!

    The more you enjoy working on your stores, the more positive energy you will put into them, and the better your results will be. Enjoy the process and find niches you are passionate about (more on this later!).

Common Mistakes

Here are the most common mistakes we see from new and old FreshStore members. Avoid these, and you will speed up your path to success:

  • Holding on to old ideas

    If you have any old domain names or ideas for stores, put them on one side for now. Follow this training first and then decide if you want to use them.

  • Skipping the success training

    Even if you have some experience, we strongly recommend following this training. You will learn everything from creating your store the right way to generating consistent traffic and beyond.

  • Jumping Ahead

    Don't try to run before you can walk. One of the biggest mistakes we see is running paid advertising to stores too early. Follow our training step-by-step and be patient.

  • Taking shortcuts

    Avoid risky SEO strategies, check your content is accurate, and add only good products. A good acid test is to ask, "Would I recommend my store to a close friend or family member?".

  • Putting small things ahead of important things

    Don't worry about the colour of your header, what products show on your homepage, or the extra links in your footer. Do the important things first, like creating good content, and tidy up the small details later.

The next guide will look at how you get paid from your stores. This will show you how to set up your free affiliate accounts with Amazon, eBay, etc. and what to focus on first.

➡️ NEXT GUIDE - Getting Paid for Your Sales

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