How to promote products on your Facebook page

This video guides you through choosing the right products and listing them on your Facebook page for maximum sales.

Note that the video is a few years old, and the Facebook post options may have changed, but the strategies are timeless and still apply today.

A lot of great topics and tips are covered in this video, including:

  1. Choosing the Right Product

    The key factors for choosing products that do well and avoiding products that fail. Learn how this applies to Facebook and other channels.

  2. Understanding Product Psychology

    It's not just about the quality of the product but also its appeal on social platforms. For instance, the shark beach towel was great quality, but it wasn't exciting enough to be "shareable". Look for a WOW factor that makes it stand out.

  3. Optimizing Facebook Posts

    How to make posts engaging, using multiple images for impact, keeping momentum going, and more.

  4. How FreshStore Links Boost Sales

    Using FreshStore is crucial to getting maximum sales and commissions from your social posts.

  5. Knowing Your Audience

    Different products appeal to different audiences. Products that evoke nostalgia or have pop culture significance often have a higher 'shareability' factor.

  6. Keep Testing and Iterating

    What worked once might not work the next time. Always look for trending products and keep testing their market appeal. Engage with your audience, see what they share, and adapt accordingly.

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