Creating AI Content that ranks in search engines

The rise in AI and LLMs (Large Language Models) means we can now instantly create content on any topic.

FreshStore has built-in AI features to create and rewrite content all across your store.

The natural first question we get is, "Does Google Penalise AI Content?" - the answer is no, and we go into more detail about that question in this guide.

This strategy guide is about more than that - we are going to take a look deeper at how to create AI content that dominates search engines.

Can AI Content perform like "hand-written" content?

Yes, absolutely!

Search engines will judge your AI Content just like any other content. The key is not to abuse AI Content or other content creation methods.

Abusing means things like auto-creating hundreds of articles every day without checking the quality or duplication.

Any company or individual claiming that Google bans AI content is scaremongering.

Search Engines and Visitor Metrics

Google and other search engines are most concerned about visitor metrics... which means, in simple terms, what are people doing when they visit your store?

Google uses metrics like bounce rates and time on the page to find out if the content on your store is actually helping people.

If the visitor enjoys reading your content, they will stay on the page longer and read it. Google measures this and uses it as a factor in your rankings.

So it doesn't matter if the content is written by AI, manually or a combination of both - if it helps the visitors and they read it, it will perform well in the search engines.

Product Content with AI

The content for products in FreshStore is where automated AI shines. It takes the disorganised, keyword-stuffed, fluffy content from Amazon/eBay/Etc. and makes it a much better experience for your visitors, which is exactly what search engines want.

The products get better product titles, clear and concise feature lists, descriptive product summaries, concise descriptions and optimised meta tags.

This is exactly what Google is looking for - a better visitor experience.

Niche Testing with AI Content

Using AI content in a new store is a great way to test niches quickly and get traffic and sales started. Once you get those first sales, we recommend tweaking, improving and adding to the content in your store.

One thing AI can't do is create new ideas - it is always going to create content based on something that already exists on the web. So, in every niche, look for opportunities to write articles around the new questions and topics people are asking.

You can still use AI to write content on new ideas by feeding in what you want it to write about.

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