Introduction to niche research

In this section of the success training, we will learn all about niches, niche research, and how to choose one for your store.

You probably already have ideas for your stores, which is great! But we strongly recommend you complete this niche research training, as a few things might surprise you...

What we will cover

We are going into detail about niches, research, choosing a store, domain names, and more, including:

  • What is a niche?
  • Finding new ideas
  • Organizing your niche research
  • Keywords and SEO traffic
  • Checking out your competition
  • Choosing a domain name

There's plenty to cover, but it's a fun and important step to ensuring your stores succeed.

Quick tips for niche research

We will cover these in more detail, but here are a few quick tips to get you started:

  • Throw away old ideas - You might have old domain names and ideas that you want to use... if they don't fit anymore, be strong and let them go!
  • Take your time - it's natural to want to start your store quickly, but finding the right niche for you is important.
  • Ask for help - If you really can't decide what niche or have trouble researching, contact our support team. We are happy to help and advise.
  • Be decisive - we will find some niches and look at the positives and negatives... then it's time to make a firm decision and go for it!

First, we will learn exactly what a niche is with some good examples.

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