How to Utilize Giveaways for Traffic

Everyone wants to create a store that gets organic traffic. You can take a look at our guide on the subject here. If you are getting steady traffic to your website and social media pages, it's time to utilize your contacts. One way to take advantage of your growing followers is by creating a giveaway. We utilize Gleam to create our giveaways for our website You can choose their free option to see how it works and create your first giveaway. 

So how do you utilize giveaways for traffic? Everyone loves to win free stuff so first think about what you want to give away. You can go for a simple gift card option or give away something relating to your niche. If you have an RC car niche store you can give away a collectible you have, a signed poster, or a special edition model. You would not want to give away your used items or junk that that's falling apart or missing parts. 

Now that you know what you want to give away, what do you have your followers do? The best way to utilize your campaign is to have your followers get entry points for sharing your website, liking the pages, or commenting on your store posts. You don't want to just create a giveaway for an item without having your customers go to your websites. Some examples you can add into the giveaway include: 

  • 1 Point for Sharing the Giveaway (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • 1 Point for Liking the Store Page
  • 2 Points for Retweeting 
  • 5 Points for Commenting on Your Store Post (add post link) 

These are just some of the examples you can use for your giveaway campaign. The more choices you add the greater your chances of more customers entering the giveaway. Remember, not everyone is going to have all the different social media accounts so give them other ways to enter. Again, make sure that you have them like your niche website, your store social media pages, or content articles. 

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