Building Your Next Store

Once you’ve created your first store, learned the best way to promote it, got sales and see real traffic, it’s time to move to your next store.

Your next store can either relate to the niche or it can be a different niche. If it’s in the same or similar niche, you can easily connect the two different stores. This means you can use the traffic you’re getting for one store to go to the new store.

For example, if your first store was about scented lotions your second one can be about unscented lotions. This way in your articles and content, you can say; “If you’re looking for a great quality unscented lotion for your hands, take a look at this product” and link to an unscented lotion in your new store. Another way to link the two is through brands. “This brand also offers unscented options such as <<Product Name>>.”

Whether your next store relates to the niche or not, you want to see if you can utilize the same steps. Ask yourself;

  • Will the same tactics work on your new store?
  • Can you use Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other social media in the same way?
  • What groups can you join?
  • How does this site differ from the last?
  • What content will you add?
  • Can you add videos for the niche? (product reviews, product comparison, steps for using/installing, etc)

Your goal is to make your second store as successful as the first one or even better. 

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