Organizing your Niche Research

We should now have a few niche ideas that we want to look into further, so let's get organised.

I like to use a spreadsheet to see all the research I have done at a glance.

If you prefer another method, that's fine - you could also write things down in a notebook or type it into your phone.

The Niche Research Spreadsheet

A template for my niche research spreadsheet is found on the link below. It also includes an "Examples" tab to show how I have filled it out for a few niches.

This link requires a Google account and will use Google Drive. If you prefer to use Excel, you can download the spreadsheet. The link will prompt you to make your own copy of the spreadsheet:

➡️ Niche Research Spreadsheet Template

Filling out the spreadsheet

First, add the niches you have found into the spreadsheet in the left column.

The remaining columns will be filled out as we go through the rest of the guides in this section. We will add keywords, rate the competition, and answer questions. This will help us to rate the niche later.

None of this research is an exact science - fill it out as best you can, but don't get stuck on the details. We are summarising the niches, so it's easier to pick one.

Research keeps us honest

You may already have a favourite niche on your list that you are passionate about and really want to build a store around.

That's great, but it can blind us to problems. That is why we do this niche research and take the time to really analyse each niche.

Be honest with yourself about these niches as you work through the guides - if you're like me, you will change your mind several times before the end!

You should now have your niche research spreadsheet with your first niche ideas inside. Next, we will do some research on the keywords inside each niche.

➡️ NEXT GUIDE - Keyword research for your niche

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