Your Content and SEO

You do not have to be an expert writer in order to write content and have your store rank. If you are using the right key words in your unique content, your store will start to get organic traffic. Customers will find it and you’ll get the sales and clicks you’ve been waiting for.

What is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. In simpler terms, this is the process to get more organic and free traffic to your website. This is done through specific keywords that relate to your niche. So if your website is about cookies and someone goes to Bing and searches for “the best cookie”, you want your website to be in the top results. You want to rank for this keyword and the way you do that is through content.

SEO Keywords

So now that you know what SEO stands for and the need for keywords, what kind of keywords should you place on your website? Today, it’s easier than ever to choose a tool, whether a free or a paid one, and find the best keywords to optimize your site. You can type in “best cookies” as the keyword and the website can provide the amount of times people search for it in a day/month/year, what other keywords they look for, how hard it is to rank it, etc.

When writing content, you can use short or long keywords. An example of a short SEO keyword is “best cookies” while a long tail keyword is “best cookies for diabetics” or “best cookies around the world 2020”. Using long tail keywords can help customers find your website sooner.

Where do I add SEO?

With FS we make it easy to add and edit content. We have prebuilt content pages which you can edit as well as the option to add new content pages. You can edit the homepage content by adding a description of the website, what customers will find, tip they will get, and so on. Another great feature is the option to add in the seo and meta description for all of your pages. You will login to your store and go to: Content—Your Pages—Home Page to add in the SEO and Meta description for the homepage. You can do this for all the pages ad well as any new content page that you add such as articles, product reviews, even videos. 

Another great and easy way to improve your SEO is with internal linking. This means linking specific categories and keywords in your store to pages you want search engine to look at. So if your keyword is “chocolate chip cookies” you might decide to link it to your recipe for chocolate chip cookies. You do not want to link keywords such as “click here” or “press this link for more information”. These are not the keywords you want to target.

It is essential that you edit all the pages if you are going to be submitting your website to Bing, Google, Yahoo and other search engine websites. 

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