Introduction to Increasing Sales

We all want to create a successful store that will make us a profit. If you work on your store and put in the time, you can make it successful.

What makes a successful store?

Choosing the Right Categories- If you build a site and put a bunch of categories and products that may not fit the niche, it can fail. You want to take your time choosing the right categories and products. If your website is about chocolate chip cookies, you don’t want to add categories for baby diapers or cat toys. Your categories should revolve around the niche and better options would be; Flour, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar, Cookie Sheets, and so on. Think about the items people need to make chocolate chip cookies as well as the products they need to serve or present the cookies.

Choosing the Right Products- Once you have added your categories, you want to make a list of good products. In your Fresh Store, you can search for Amazon products by key words or add them by ASIN. If you go to Amazon’s Best Sellers, you’ll be able to find products that rank high and have good reviews. The below are links to the best sellers pages for USA and UK. You can do the same for any other locale.

Make sure to look at the reviews and scan them over. See what customers are complaining about and how you can answer their questions or make suggestions that will resolve their issues. Another thing to think about is how many products you’ll add to your store. We recommend 50 or less products per category. Remember, you don’t need thousands of products in your store. You want to have specific products so that you can easily edit them, if needed.

Adding Valuable Content-A lot of customers stop working on their stores after they’ve added categories and products. If you want traffic and sales, you will need to add content to your store. You can write the content yourself or hire someone else to write it for you. You can use iWriter or similar site to get the content. We recommend adding content to your categories, hundred words or more, homepage content, and at least 2 articles. Going back to the chocolate chip cookies niche, you can have a section for Recipes and a section for Fun Facts where you can add articles about history, award winning cookies and other facts. Make sure to do your keyword research. This can help you write content as well as rank better. For our cookies niche, if you go to Google and type in “best chocolate chip cookies” you will see the sites that rank for that keyword. Another thing you’ll find is the other keyword suggestions you can use at the bottom of the page.

These related keywords can be added to your content pages or even categories content. 

These are the main things that can help your site rank better and increase your sales. 

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