Introduction to Expanding your Empire

When you create a successful store, you want to repeat the process in order to grow your empire. This means if you want to create another site, you have to dissect what worked for your store and apply it to the next one.

Lessons learned

What lessons did you learn while creating your website? Did you have to delete or add new categories? How often did you add new products? Where did you get your content?  How long did it take to get your first sale? What did you do to increase your sales; did you promote the website, create social media pages, etc? These are just some of the questions that you should be answering when you create your next store.


How can you optimize your website? Besides SEO optimization what else did you do to improve sales and traffic for your store? You might have created an article and shared it on social media such as a specific Facebook group or Twitter. Maybe you created a giveaway and had a survey where people answer questions for their entry. You always want to find ways to get your website across to potential customers and provide them with answers and products they need and are in search of.

What’s next?

How can you make your website better and expand on it? You can create a complimentary store that expands on the niche. For example, if your store is about cookies around the world, you can have a complimentary website about travelling, foreign or unique cooking tools, or something else that expands on the niche. You can link the two websites through articles, specific keywords that link to your categories, or bundled products that go to the complimentary website.

If you want to have another successful store, make sure to look at your first one and see how you can expand on it. Since the website is getting traffic, you can take advantage of that and link your next store from it. You can create a sidebar banner that links to the new website or add an article that takes customers to the shop. 

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