Removing Barriers to Purchase

Having a successful website requires working on it and making sure to keep it updated. In this guide, you’ll learn about a few other ways in which you can make sure to take down barriers that can harm your site.

Remove Bad Shipping Options – People love Amazon’s Prime shipping and usually choose that over other options. If they have to wait a month to get a product, it’s more than likely going to get a bad review. If you have a limited amount of products in your store, it’s easier to go through them and make sure that shipping is fast or don’t through Prime. If you are listing your own products, make sure that you ship the items within a day. A happy recipient can lead to a great review.

Check on Your Site Speed Issues – When you go to a website you want it to go fast so that you can easily click from one link or product to another. If you add too many adverts and videos, this can slow down your website’s speed. Be conscious of what you add to your site and make sure to preview it from your desktop and on mobile devices. If there are other speed issues, please contact us so we can take a look and address your concerns.

Remove Bad Reviews – When we purchase items, we make sure that they have good reviews. Whether it’s a new appliance or a shiny new bicycle, we make sure that other customers love it and have no issues. This also makes it easier for us to purchase the product. When choosing products for your store, we recommend adding them by ASIN since you can then make sure that only products with good reviews are added.

User Comments – If you want your site to stand out you have to offer something that others don’t. If you see comments or questions that customers are adding and no one is answering, add them to your website and answer them. You can also create a poll for specific products to engage your audience.

Solve Complaints – A great way to have your website stand out is by solving customer complaints. What are they complaining about? Why? What can be done to resolve this issue? You can create a Q & A that you can post on your website and social media pages. With the data provided, you can create articles, add certain products, and make sure that you have the information customers are looking for.

These are just a few ways in which you can take down different barriers and make sure that your website is successful. 

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