Content ideas for your niche

This guide will examine the content you can create for your niche ideas. This helps us understand more about the niche, what the community is like, how your store will look when it is finished and what potential you have for traffic by creating content.

What do we mean by content?

We usually think of articles or blog posts, but content can be much more than that.

Depending on the niche, content can also be videos you have created, collections of links and resources, product fact sheets, audio interviews, PDF downloads, and many other things.

Content is basically anything you can create and provide to people interested in the niche.


Every niche will benefit from good articles. They can cover a wide range of topics, for example:

  • How to make the perfect espresso
  • The top ten rarest Roman coins
  • Our top-rated home treadmills for beginners
  • The best iPhone games this year
  • The funniest Tennis memes

You can get ideas for articles by using a little "autocomplete" Google trick. Type some keywords from your niche into Google and see what is suggested:

By just typing "is kitesurfing", you will see the most popular questions, which make great foundations for an article. You can see from these suggestions that most people want to know if kitesurfing is hard, dangerous and expensive.

Try typing different combinations like "best kitesurfing", "funny kitesurfing", "will kitesurfing", "does kitesurfing", "can kitesurfing", "has kitesurfing" etc. and see what you get.

The built-in article generator will create a full article from just a few words using AI. Find out more in our AI Articles Feature Guide.


Your stores will also benefit from good content on your products. The built-in AI features will write unique and accurate information for you, but you can also add more.

Depending on the niche, you could add in-depth product reviews, lists of technical details, downloadable product manuals, or unboxing videos.

You can use the same Google trick above to get an idea of what people want to know about the products in the niche. Just substitute the product name for the niche name and see what you get.

Finding content opportunities

In any niche, there will be communities of people discussing it online. They might be sharing pictures, asking questions, or otherwise swapping information.

If you can find these communities, you will soon learn exactly what they want and get great ideas for creating content.

The most common places to find them are:

  • Facebook Groups - Search for your niche and look for groups created around it. Join them and see what the most popular posts are.
  • Twitter ( - It is a bit harder to find here, but search for a few different keywords, and you should find threads/accounts of people discussing your niche.
  • Reddit - This massive forum has a subreddit for almost everything. Go to the subreddits and order the posts by "Most Popular" to find the best discussions.
  • Quora - This is like a forum but based on questions. There is a lot of content on here and, like Reddit, you can find questions on almost any topic.
  • Dedicated Forums - Specialist forums are still a thing in many niches. Search Google for them (e.g. "kitesurfing forum") and see what comes up.

Look for newer posts and discussions when researching content ideas in this way. Some forums can be very old, and things may have moved on!

In these communities, look for the common questions and problems people have. For example, in kitesurfing forums, many people ask whether they should use board leashes, a hotly contested topic. It's perfect for an article.

Also, look at what interests people in this niche. Do they like memes and pictures? Are they watching/sharing a lot of videos?

You can also get a feel for the style of content they like. Do they prefer accurate and factual content? Or are they sharing ideas and stories?

Other types of content

There are many other types of content you can create, and this will depend on your niche.

For example, for an Espresso Machine store that doesn't sell the actual coffee, you could provide a list of the best coffee bean suppliers in different countries and areas. This is fairly easy to do, and you can monetise this directly with the suppliers in the future.

Another example in the "Cat Toys" niche would be to create short, fun videos of your cats playing with the toys. These can be put on your store and shared on social media, which is a great way to build an audience.

If your niche is quite technical, like "Raspberry Pi Computers", you could provide downloadable and printable instructional PDFs to help your visitors build and create.

Think outside the box in your niche for different types of content you can create. The more creative you can be, the more chance nobody else has done it, and you have the advantage!

Rate the content in your niche research spreadsheet

Review the kinds of content you can create for each of your niche ideas and rate the niche out of ten in the spreadsheet. Rating "10" is positive and means there are lots of content ideas and opportunities for you.

Choose the rating based on how much potential content you can create and how you feel about creating this type of content.

For example, you may be excited about creating videos and can rate those suitable niches like "Cat Toys" higher. In some niches, you may run out of content ideas (e.g. "Keto Cookies") and should rate them lower.

This is a rough rating, so don't get stuck on this and keep moving forward.

Your niche research spreadsheet is starting to flesh out. Now, it's time to take a look at your competition.

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