Using RSS Feeds to Generate Traffic

This guide will show you how to use a free rss feed submission plan from to automate posting your FSB products to your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr profile page for free using free plan on They also offer paid plans which offer more social media accounts and features. You can use the free one for the basic promotion or upgrade if you want to take it further.

DLVR is just one of many websites that you can do this with. If you already have a service that lets you post your RSS feeds to your social media package then you can use that. You will just need to use the RSS feed

Step 1. Go to and click so Sign Up. You can use any method offered to signup for a free account.

Step 2. Once you are logged into your account. Click on “Add a Route”.

Step 3. You will need to use the random products RSS feed that comes with your store.

The RSS link is

Step 4. Click on the gear icon to edit the settings for the RSS feed.

Step 5. Click on the “Updates” tab.

Step 6. This is where you can set how many products you want posted per day to your social media accounts.

I usually like to start with 2 to 5 posts a day for new social media accounts and as you get more followers, then increase how many products you post.

Step 7. On this tab you can set hashtags to be used for your posts. I usually try to get the website name in and one of my main keywords.

Step 8. Make sure the settings under the “Advanced” tab are set as shown below and click Save.

Step 9. The next step is to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr account. This guide is showing the steps for their free plan. If you have their paid plan, then you can add other social media accounts the same way shown below.

Step 10. Click on “Create New” button to connect your social media profiles. The images below show me connecting my Facebook Page and Tumblr Page

Step 11. I already had my Twitter account connected, the steps are the same as the other two accounts.

Once you have added Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, click on the Start Posting button.

Step 12. You Can Manage the RSS Feed and Social Media Settings by clicking the links below.

You will need to set some settings to make sure the images are pulled from the RSS feed. See the images below for settings to set for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Click on the Gear Icon for each Social and set the settings as shown on the images below.

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