The FreshStore "Go Live" Checklist

Before you go live with your store, take a look at this checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

What is a "Go Live" checklist?

If you want to get your store off to a good start, make sure everything is ready before you launch. The search engines will appreciate a finished site, and your visitors will remember if some things aren’t ready.

The following is a recommended guide to follow before launching.

Before Going Live…

  • Test Your Links – Make sure your affiliate links are using your tracking tag for Amazon, eBay and any other affiliate links you have set up.
  • Category Content – Ensure at least some of your categories has unique content
  • Articles and Pages – We recommend at least two good quality, unique articles on your store before you launch.
  • Product Content – Add some unique content to your best products before you launch, in order to get good initial search engine results for them.
  • Homepage Content – Ensure your homepage has some unique content about your store, what products you are offering etc.
  • Google Search Central - Register your store with Google Search Central to see google rankings information and submit your XML sitemap.

…. and that is it! Of course, make sure you run through the site yourself and check that everything is working before you launch.

Launching Your Store

Once you are sure you are ready to launch, log in to your store dashboard and navigate to the “Tools -> Your Store Health” section. Here you will find the Site Live parameter where you will change to “On”.
Click save and your store is now open to the world!
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